Happy Birthday Amberlee Jenkins III

Today would have been Amberlee’s 9th birthday – she left us suddenly on June 20, 2013. Amberlee was my first dog and my absolute best friend these last 8 years. She touched so many hearts and lit up so many lives while she was with us – always knowing how to make every person she came in contact with feel special and loved.

Normally, we would spend today running around a dog park, making new friends, and of course ending it all off with an annual Birthday McDonald’s cheeseburger (which she would clear off in a record speed of 1.8 seconds).

Amberlee's birthday cheeseburger

Amberlee taught me so many things that I will be forever grateful for. I know she is in a great place now, making new friends and always looking down on me.

RIP Amberlee – you will live in my heart forever.

Feels Good To Be Back

It’s been a while since we last connected over here (feels like FOREVER), and like many of you, there have been some new developments in my life over the last year or so.

Here are a few of them:  

  • In December 2012, I resigned as the Social Media Manager for Carnival Cruise Lines. Leaving an amazing brand and an incredible team that I have so much respect for was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made. However, their encouragement and continued support helped me realize that the timing was right and if I was ever going to take a risk and start my own company (a life long dream of mine) – it had to be now. 
  • I’ve joined forces with an incredible group of people that I feel honored to be co-founding a new startup with. I’m extremely pumped about our product and our team and will definitely share more details with you asap!
  • I’m now the percussion scientist for South Florida’s funky, reggae, rock band: Bushwood. We just released our new album, Tidal Wave, which you can jam out to here.

So what can you expect from this blog moving forward?

Much of the content here will stem from my experiences as a first time entrepreneur, marketing nerd, musician, and 28 year old dude living in South Florida.

I plan on sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences as I build my very first company, rock out across Florida, and consistently experiment, learn and try new things as much as possible. 

While I would love to post here 5 days a week, I know from past experiences that it’s easier said than done. So for right now, I will be adding new content here as often as I can and hope that you will find value in it, even if it only gives you one extra smile, thought, or idea each time I post.

I encourage you to subscribe to the blog so you can be updated whenever new content is added (since it will be somewhat inconsistent at first).

Really looking forward to starting this up again and excited to see where we can take it.